Inherited and Acquired Traits

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Do you look more like your mom or more like your dad? Why do grandchildren sometimes look just like their grandparents? It all depends on inherited traits, which are passed down from generation to generation. For instance, hair color is an inherited trait.  An acquired trait is a trait that an animal, plant, or person develops through interactions in their environment. For instance, juggling a ball is an acquired trait.

Observe what traits of your personality are inherited and which ones are acquired.

This video satisfies the 3-LS3-1, 3-LS3-2, and 3LS4-2 requirement for third-grade science proficiency.

Students who demonstrate understanding can:

3-LS3-1. Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence that plants and animals have traits inherited from parents and that variation of these traits exists in a group of similar organisms.

3-LS3-2. Use evidence to support the explanation that traits can be influenced by the environment.

3-LS4-2. Use evidence to construct an explanation for how the variations in characteristics among individuals of the same species may provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing.

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