Hello and welcome to Video Guru!

My name is Mallika and I am a senior in high school, and I live in the Bay Area, California. I have gone through the US public school education system since Kindergarten and I see a huge disconnect between our personal use of devices and internet versus how we use technology at school. I have learnt visual topics like science, history and social studies mostly by going through text books.

The goal of Video Guru is to find great videos and curate them by grade and topic and tie them as close as possible to the curriculum. I want to create a safe environment for students, parents, teachers and tutors to help learn the various topics visually.

I hope to inspire the current and future generation of students by augmenting the concepts they learn in school with high quality and relevant videos.

I also have these videos with links listed in a PDF and Google Docs in the Video Guru Teachers Pay Teachers store. These documents will help students to easily navigate to the right video and can be assigned as self-study or part of a lesson at home or in class.

I really look forward to your feedback to help me improve the website.



Why Video Guru?

  • High quality videos curated by grade and topic
  • Each video is tied to a specific curriculum standard
  • Videos will inspire curious learners and provoke thought
  • Videos will help understand and reinforce curriculum topics
  • Safe environments without distractions of “related videos”
  • Will save teachers hundreds of hours from finding good videos
  • Parents can be confident students are learning while watching
  • No advertisements
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