How do we know when it will rain?

Published on February 8, 2022 by

Have you ever seen a weather report on TV and wondered how they can tell when its going to rain days before it happens? Well, there are special scientists called meteorologists who use all kinds of cool equipment to predict the weather. A lot of information about the weather is also gathered from satellites. Computers help scientists gather information from satellites to track weather patterns and make forecasts. A team of scientists and meteorologists works together to interpret the information and make predictions. To gather enough information, data must be collected over a large region. 

Do you want to be a meteorologist when you grow up? Let us know! 

This video satisfies the 3-ESS2-1 and 3-ESS2-2 requirements for third-grade science proficiency.


Students who demonstrate understanding can:

3-ESS2-1. Represent data in tables and graphical displays to describe typical weather conditions expected during a particular season.

3-ESS2-2. Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.

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