Habitats: What is a habitat?

Published on June 13, 2020 by

In this super interesting and cool video for students of all ages about ecosystems, learn about how a habitat provides the basic needs for all living things and how plants and animals depend on each other. Students will explore four different habitats (rainforests, woodlands, seashores and oceans) and learn about the plants and animals that live there.  Students will gain an appreciation for the vast amount of unique species there are on this planet. Investigate food chains and the basic needs and preferred food of different living creatures in this remarkable video.

This video satisfies the K-ESS3-1 and K-LS1-1 requirements for kindergarten proficiency.

Students who demonstrate understanding can:

K-LS1-1. Use observations to describe patterns of what plants and animals (including humans) need to survive.

K-ESS3-1. Use a model to represent the relationship between the needs of different plants and animals (including humans) and the places they live.

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