The next wave of automation and how it can impact us

Published on August 23, 2020 by

The current worry over automation is that the coming wave is different from the past. Past rounds of automation have included machines filling in for human and animal muscle power.

We people, conversely, had another thing to offer: our psychological aptitudes. This is the thing that the machines, fueled by AI, are going to impact this time.

It hasn’t generally begun at this point. All things considered, AI wasn’t viable until machine learning was effectively applied to it, beginning around 2012. Presently machines can perceive pictures better than you can and are going to surpass you in speech recognition and natural language processing. Furthermore, in contrast to you, they are improving at an exponential rate.

For current students it is very important to understand the effect of automation in various fields and how it will impact your lives and career in the future. This videos does an excellent job of what is automation and how it is different this time and what we can do about mitigating the impact to society.

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