Animal Senses – Visual Perception, Hearing, Taste, Smell

Published on September 9, 2022 by

In this video, the students will get to know the animals with best senses for smell, taste, hearing, and visual perception. Sense of taste depends on the number of taste buds. The wels catfish takes the lead with 250,000 taste buds! With regards to the sense of smell, a higher number of olfactory cells and receptors means that the animal can easily distinguish between various smells. Eels are known to have a sharp sense of smell. Bats, dolphins, and wax moth have very good sense of hearing which means they can hear sounds having high frequencies. Ranking animals for their eyesight can be tricky, as the meaning of ‘good eyesight in animals’ greatly depends on the context. Carpenter bees have the most sensitive eyes.

This video satisfies the 4-LS1-2 requirement of fourth-grade science proficiency.

Students who demonstrate understanding can: 4-LS1-2 Use a model to describe that animals receive different types of information through their senses, process the information in their brain, and respond to the information in different ways

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