Why Do We Have Different Seasons?

Published on July 14, 2020 by

Did you know that the Sun’s light shines differently on Earth at different times of the year? Watch in this visualization as the Earth orbits the Sun, rotating, like a slightly tilted, spinning top. This rotation changes the angle at which sunlight hits the surface of our planet, creating the different seasons we experience here on Earth. Can you see how sunlight at different times of the year changes the productivity of life on land and in our oceans? Learn all this and more in this interesting and engaging video all about what seasons are, why they happen, and the yearly patterns of weather and space. This video is presented in clear and easy to understand terms for kids. Enjoy, and don’t forget to learn!

This video satisfies the 1-ESS1-2 requirement for first grade proficiency.

Students who demonstrate understanding can:

1-ESS1-2. Make observations at different times of year to relate the amount of daylight to the time of year.

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