The law of conservation of mass

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Atoms are the fabric of all things. In this lesson, Todd Ramsey will discuss the law of conservation of mass and origin of atoms. Our universe is essentially a closed system that is governed by law of conservation of matter and energy.  This law states that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In any chemical reaction, whatever matter and energy go into the reaction are present and accounted for when it’s complete. One question that may concern you is that from where did these atoms originate. Simply put, all atoms in our universe originated from the series of events following the Big Bang. Thus, we can safely say, we are all made of star stuff.

This video satisfies the 5-PS1-2 requirement of fifth-grade science proficiency.

Students who demonstrate understanding can:  5-PS1-2. Measure and graph quantities to provide evidence that regardless of the type of change that occurs when heating, cooling, or mixing substances, the total weight of matter is conserved.

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